Bluebirds Inn – Hummingbirds Welcomed

This is an example of a fully customized Birdhouse. it is beautifully handcrafted with all natural materials. It was ordered as a birthday gift for my client’s mother’s 77th birthday. This is her story.

She loves bluebirds and hummingbirds, she lives in Santa Barbara, CA. on a beautiful avocado farm facing the ocean. She was born and raised in Texas – her heart and soul. She has two amazing grandchildren whom she loves with all her heart, they call her Gackaw.

I used dried avocado skin and sliced avocado pits throughout the piece in memory of her farm and included shells to remind her of her ocean view. The names of her grandchildren and her nickname are on one side and an homage to Texas on the other. The birdhouse is proportioned for a bluebird’s nest but it invites hummingbirds including a hummingbird feeder and a welcomed sign.

It is perfect for any covered porch or interior space.

Dimensions – 6.5″ x 6.5″ x 14″

Tell me your story…I will bring it to live!


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