Mi Casita

We created this beautiful fairy garden as a house warming gift for our client’s mother who was relocating from her home in Florida to live near her family. We wanted to tell a story of love and family. The idea of a quilt came to mind. How many different squares come together to make a whole, much like family! the roof of the house with a variety of textures and materials became the quilt. The roof of a house is what protects us all, much like mothers do.

The names on the signs are her grandchildren and great grandchildren!

There is a picnic table outside for family gatherings and a bird feeder on the back. We added seashells to remember the beaches of florida, acorns to define a path which widens as a welcoming gesture, and many other natural materials collected during hikes around our beautiful area. Succulents were added for easy maintenance.

May it always bring you Joy!DSC05830DSC05831DSC05832DSC05833DSC05838DSC05847DSC05846DSC05844DSC05841DSC05835DSC05834DSC05839DSC05840


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