Lily’s Garden

This fairy garden was created as a thank you gift from our company to a dear friend who invited us to participate in our first artisan market.  Jennifer Anderson and her family suffered an unmeasurable loss when their sweet daughter Lily got her wings and went to heaven on December 15th, 2012.  Jennifer and her family are the true definition of love, hope, and strength.

There was so much I wanted to put into this fairy garden, but there is only so much room so I had to pick and choose.  The house is round symbolizing eternity and everlasting faith.  It is made of simple twigs but is wrapped with bark, holding it together lightly but letting the twigs shine through. Much like Lily was held by her family and friends.  The roof is simple, decorated with pink and green beads (Lily’s favorite colors). There is a single window in the back, an opening into her soul that still guides all the people she touched.  There is a bike with pink wheels and a little basket at the entrance; I remembered a picture of Lily on her bike with a huge smile and knew a bike had to find a place here.  Lily’s garden is next to the house and has a sign that says “Fairies welcomed” because…well…they are! The house sits on “Whisper Lane” – Jennifer tells us that Lily whispers to her all the time, letting her know she is with her and guiding her in her life.  At the start of the stone path that leads to the house lie a couple of bins that hold glitter. Jennifer says that “glitter” describes Lily perfectly! small and bright, she reflected the light inside her, and she sparkled and shimmered wherever she went.

If you want to learn more about Lily’s life please buy Jennifer’s book Glitter.  Prepare to cry – a lot – but most importantly, prepare to be inspired to live a YES life.

May it always bring you Joy!DSC05849DSC05853DSC05854DSC05856DSC05858DSC05864DSC05867DSC05880DSC05878

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